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Christian Maturity

Introduction: The Uniqueness of Jesus

  1. Who Is Jesus Christ?

  2. The Earthly Life of Jesus Christ

  3. The Death of Jesus Christ

  4. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  5. Jesus Christ Living in the Christian

  6. The Church of Jesus Christ

  7. Recap


STEP 1: The Christian Adventure

  1. The Christian’s Certainty

  2. The Christ- Controlled Life

  3. Five Principles of Growth

  4. The Christian's Authority

  5. Learning to Pray

  6. The Importance of the Church

  7. Recap


STEP 2: The Christian and the Abundant Life

  1. What Is the Christian Life?

  2. Appraising Your Spiritual Life

  3. Living Abundantly

  4. The Abiding Life

  5. The Cleansed Life

  6. Victorious in Spiritual Warfare

  7. Attitude Makes the Difference

  8. Recap


STEP 3: The Christian and the Holy Spirit

  1. Who Is the Holy Spirit and Why Did He Come?

  2. The Holy Spirit’s Relationship With You

  3. Why So Few Christians Are Filled With the Holy Spirit

  4. How You Can Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

  5. How You Can Know When You Are Filled With the Holy Spirit

  6. How You Can Continue to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

  7. Recap


STEP 4: The Christian and Prayer

  1. The Purpose of Prayer

  2. To Whom Should We Pray?

  3. A Guide to Effective Daily Prayer

  4. How to Pray With Power

  5. God’s Promises About Prayer

  6. Planning Your Daily Devotional Time

  7. Recap


STEP 5: The Christian and the Bible

  1. The Book of Books

  2. The Central Person of the Bible

  3. Authority of the Old Testament

  4. Authority of the New Testament

  5. The Power of God’s Word

  6. The Need for God’s Word

  7. Private Bible Study Methods

  8. Recap


STEP 6: The Christian and Obedience

  1. Obedience–The Key to Knowing God’s Will

  2. Insincere Obedience

  3. Personal Purity

  4. No Matter What Others Think

  5. Taming the Tongue

  6. The Key to Inner Security

  7. Recap


STEP 7: The Christian and Witnessing

  1. Why We Witness

  2. Jesus Shows How to Witness

  3. Qualifications for Witness

  4. Witnessing and the Word of God

  5. Witnessing and Prayer

  6. Witnessing and the Holy Spirit

  7. Recap


STEP 8: The Christian and Giving

  1. God’s Ownership Over All

  2. Examples of Perfect Giving

  3. Stewardship of Our Time

  4. Stewardship of Our Bodies

  5. Stewardship of Our Talents and Gifts

  6. Stewardship of Our Possessions

  7. Trusting God for Our Finances

  8. Our Accountability to God

  9. Recap


STEP 9: Exploring the Old Testament

  1. The Drama Begins

  2. Adam Through Abraham

  3. Moses, the Passover, and the Exodus

  4. Law and Grace

  5. Deliverance and Forgiveness

  6. Elijah: The Power of a Spirit-led Man

  7. Jeremiah: A Witness Who Stood Alone

  8. The Tabernacle

  9. Recap


STEP 10: Exploring the New Testament

  1. Matthew

  2. Mark

  3. Luke

  4. John

  5. The Acts of the Apostles

  6. Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians

  7. Prison Epistles, Thessalonians, Pastoral Epistles

  8. The General Epistles

  9. The Revelation of Jesus Christ

  10. Recap


How to Study the Bible

How to Share Christ With Others

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